Hellooo & welcome to my blog! Sprinkled Fate started a little while ago when I decided to turn all of my random thoughts into a blog to share with whoever is willing enough to read it. Basically, I have a few different catagories on here that I will from time to time write about and share. Health & Fitness is, well, basically just all of my health and fitness related stuff I’ll share. Traveling will mainly be pictures from some outing that I do that I just want to share with people. The “Foodie” section is basically all things food and recipes. Lastly, “rants” will be a bunch of random thoughts that come to my head that I will write about & share my opinion!

Allll About Me: I am a 20 year old college student. Although I am young and like to have fun, I’m often referred to as the “grandma” friend. I have sort of an old spirit I guess you could say. Anyway, food and health are mainly what I like to post about considering I do have Celiac Disease and wasn’t diagnosed until the age of 17. I’m sure you could imagine that after living on this planet for 17 years being a regular gluten-eater, it was a pretty challenging time trying to figure out how to now be gluten-free and heal my gut. Thus, Sprinkled Fate was born when I discovered that not many Celiac people share or talk about their experiences. After going through it all and finally managing to heal my gut, I want to share some tips and also frustrations I encountered along the way.

Hopefully you enjoy all that is Sprinkled Fate and stick around! xoxo ♥ jess

(The pictures below are just a little more about me)



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