What it’s like to be “glutened”w/ Celiac Disease

Stomach bloating, headaches, and crippled with anxiety.

Thats what i experience three days after being “glutened”. Im making this blog post because recently, i was “glutened” while eating out at a restaurant. I want to make aware that it is not embarrassing to have Celiac Disease. Up until last week, i was embarrassed to tell my server that i had to eat gluten free. Gluten free is often over looked as some sort of “fad” diet. It makes Celiac Disease (a serious autoimmunity) look like a hipster trend.

Disclaimer: I am obviously not an expert on any of this stuff and am learning more every day about my autoimmunity, however i have gone through a lot that has let me learn more than the average person. Also, everyone experiences different symptoms. This post is about what i experience when i am “glutened” and how i struggle with my autoimmune disease.

For those of you who may not know what Celiac Disease is, it is an autoimmune disease. Some people are born with is whereas some people may get it when they are older. Most people who have Celiac Disease at a young age don’t know until they are older because it is not an allergy–it’s a disease that can affect your life and health in very unexpected ways. Continuously eating gluten when you have Celiac Disease can be life threatening but the act of having one bite of gluten won’t actually kill a person (or at least in my case). That is why it can be overlooked in its seriousness. Celiac may also be overlooked considering some people choose to use this as a “fad” diet thinking they can’t eat any carbs which will lead them to losing weight. WRONG. Gluten is a protein!! It is not wheat, it is found in wheat. You can still eat carbs, bread, pastas, etc. as long as its made from a different flour, such as rice flour or quinoa flour. Gluten is also used as a preservative, meaning it is in most soups and salad dressings. Even healthy foods can have wheat! If you want a fad diet to lose weight try the Atkins diet, not a gluten free diet. Eating gluten free when you don’t actually have Celiac Disease or a sensitivity to it can actually harm your body and change the chemistry of your digestive tract.

Anyhoo, moral of my rant is i was embarrassed to speak up about being gluten free for what people might think of me. That embarrassment led me to be “glutened” in a Chili’s restaurant because i was too scared to stress the importance of it to my server. So there i was, crying on my bed from stomach bloat and pure anxiety over absolutely nothing. Eating gluten when you have Celiac Disease is serious and should NOT be taken lightly! I can go on and on about my symptoms after ingesting gluten and express how it is pure hell, however i think it is more important to get the message across that 1) Celiac is not something to be ashamed of and 2) be considerate and read up on your info before making fun of or judging someone who has a serious autoimmune disease.

xoxo, Jess



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