Good Company or Wasted Energy?


This is a little rant to remind you to stop putting so much energy into people who don’t uplift you or encourage you to be the best that you can be ♥

I believe people naturally (almost subconsciously) categorize people/friends in their lives into different groups. For example…

  • Party friends → the friends you call when you want to go out and have a fun time, but don’t necessarily trust with your secrets or like hanging out with to just “chill”.
  • People you know…but don’t really know → you typically follow these people on social media and run into them occasionally. Always kind’ve awk when you see them because you don’t know for sure if they “know” who you are.
  • Your “Friends” → you hang out pretty often, apart of the same friend group, but they wouldn’t have your back if shit hit the fan.
  • Your “ride-or-die”, “bffl”, “day one” →basically the few people who you can call at 3am and they’ll have your back no matter what.

It took me a long time to realize these different groups. Thank goodness for my self-help book phase I went through, otherwise I still might not understand this concept. Naturally, I’m the kind of person who typically will get used by people because they know I’m “too nice”. I used to not mind (or even notice for that matter) that I often did more for people who didn’t really care to do the same. It wasn’t until reading a self-help book (and a little bit of growing up) that I realized who my true friends really are.

Now, going back to these categories of people we have in our life. Good and genuine company is hard to fine these days. I bet most of us can count the number of people who would answer our phone call at 3am on one hand. Now, stop to think about how many people you would pick up the phone for at 3am, probably not too many, right? This goes back to good company and surrounding ourselves with positive people, rather than just wasting our energy on people who don’t bring any positivity into your life.

A big topic I like to talk about is anxiety and how to cope with it in order to have a happy, healthy, and positive life. Good company plays a big role in my idea of how to cope and help yourself. It can be a challenge for anyone and everyone to figure out who our true friends are, but once you find them, hold on to them because it is a very special thing to have. Just a little rule of thumb for everyone:

Three types of people to surround yourself with:

  1. The inspired
  2. The excited
  3. The grateful

Good friends are better than a lot of friends. Surrounding ourselves with good energy and positive people will help improve life so much. Stop thinking you need to surround yourself with so called “friends” who just belittle & put you down, who don’t help you make good & healthy choices, and overall don’t want to see you succeed. Also remember, to surround yourself with good company you also need to be considered good company yourself. Remember to encourage your loved ones in your life and uplift them. Putting out good into the world will only better yourself, and everyone else for that matter.

Good Company › Wasted Energy

xoxo ♥ Jess


A “serious” topic:

b3f71b46c6eb5721c39818d62b484b80If you’ve read any of my earlier posts you might have caught on to the fact that i struggled with anxiety and depression in my early high school years that has pretty much stayed with me until now, 19. One thing that i have never done is give up on the hope that anxiety/depression can be cured without medication and the belief that there is an underlying cause to all of it. So, that is what i wanted to write about today.

2017 has been a crazy year for me so far. I have grown up so much within the last couple of years and have really started to open my eyes. I have realized surrounding myself with people i can have fun and laugh with is more important than staying with people whom i was just with to feel “safe”. I have realized it is okay to argue with loved ones as long as you realize you’re doing it out of love and not hate. I have learned how important it is to take a leap of faith and pray to God that he is out there. I have realized that somehow all of this stuff related to my anxiety.

Not many people know that i was suicidal in high school. It is a topic I’m not really comfortable talking about because i never wanted to be judged or looked at as an attention seeker. However, i’ve come to realize how many people have felt this way and it is sad not many feel they can openly talk about it. Feeling like there is no out to how shitty you feel is a very real and painful thing to experience. Even worse, it’s often hard to get out of that mindset once you are there.

What I’m trying to get at is there is a way out. I know, because i have been there. I was too afraid to be myself; to leave certain things/people behind. I associated those things with the word “safe”, in reality those “safe” things were crushing me. Those “safe” things were keeping me in a never ending cycle of anxiety. I didn’t need anything or anyone to be there for me and i knew that. However, realizing that took me so long and having the courage to leave it all behind took even longer.

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to realize that life is supposed to be fun. Sitting in a room, clutching onto things you think will somehow “fix” you will do the exact opposite. Doing things that scare you to death are what make you grow and change as a person. You need to take leaps (sometimes what may feel huge) in order to change. Change is good, even though i tend to avoid it.

We all deserve that crazy fun laughing 24/7 kind of life. Now, i know that isn’t realistic, but it is something we should strive for. I still have my days where the thought of school, work, or even just seeing people makes me want to cry. Where bed seems like it is impossible to leave. I know that feeling–because i have been there and sometimes still go back there for a day. However, surrounding yourself with so much positivity and fun vibes makes everything different. Force yourself to do things, you won’t regret it. We shouldn’t have to hide our feelings of anxiety & depression because most people will experience it some way or another. It is how we deal with it that ultimately shapes our lives.

Just a random rant for everyone because i have been feeling so much better lately and just wanted to share that sometimes forcing yourself to do things can change your life for the better.

xoxo, Jess

Celiac Disease | My Story

Hello internet world! I have been long gone on this blog and that can be for 2 main reasons. 1/ being i am just a lazy college student (lol) and 2/ for a more serious reason i had no idea what i wanted to do with this blog. Like a lot of things in my life, it was a spur of the moment decision to get a blog and had no idea what i intended to put on it! With all that being said, i have decided where i would like this to go. For all of my Celiac buddies out there or just anyone interested in nutrition you’ll probably like this the most! I hope to share my Celiac Disease story and my journey as i learn new stuff about my disease and what works for me to hopefully help some of you!

As i have previously mentioned i am a college student. I am currently 18 years old and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 7 months ago and have been on a gluten free diet since then. To make this blog post a little bit shorter i am just going to say some of the symptoms i had prior and all the false diagnosis i was given (it’s crazy how doctors can be so wrong sometimes! so trust and listen to what your body is telling you!!).

From a very early age i was always sick. Sinus infections, bronchitis, whooping cough, swine flu, pneumonia, mono (3x!!), the list just goes on and on! I was a pretty healthy kid for the most part. I was on several different sports teams and doing what every other kid did. In 4th grade i got eczema and doctors gave me some creams to for it and my parents harassed me to “just drink more water” and we never thought about an underlying cause for any of it. Skin can be a major telling sign for Celiac Disease! Then 8th grade and freshmen year rolled around and i started getting severe stomach pains (and i mean severe!). I would lay in bed crying unable to do anything. My friends would ask to hang out and i would always have to say no whenever my stomach pain was acting up – which was quite often. On top of stomach pain i would get flooded with anxiety and panic attacks. I remember sitting in class and suddenly feeling so trapped, sweating like no other, and feeling the need to just bolt out of there. I told my parents all of these things, so a doctors trip is what ended up happening. They diagnosed me with depression at the age of 13 and recommended either counseling or antidepressants.

Mental illness is a real thing and i am in no way hating on antidepressants or the fact that it is a real disease! However, i did not have depression because of a chemical imbalance in my brain-i had it because of all these other people not realizing my big red warning signs and then just writing me off with being depressed. I quickly became frustrated with doctors. To be fair to them however, we (as our own beings) need to take control of out own health. Do research yourself. Use doctors as a tool and ask for your own blood work-don’t just rely on someone else to figure your problem out! That is what i learned.

As for the vitamin deficiencies and other warning signs: I have hypothyroidism, i was anemic for about 4 or 5 years (prior to this diet), as well as other vitamins depleted such as Vitamin D.

My dad thought that i might have Celiacs, so i went and talked to a nutritionist and got tested and turns out he was right! However, another thing that makes me angry is they tell you that you have Celiac Disease and their advice is to stop eating gluten. Only 8% of people with Celiac Disease can be cured with just going gluten free! There is so much more that goes into it, and that is why i’m here!

Celiac Disease is not just a food allergy. It is an autoimmune disease. Yes, going gluten free is definitely necessary but other factors play a role in the healing process. When someone with Celiac Disease ingests Gluten (a protein that can be found in wheat, rye, barley, and also used as a preservative in some cases) the body begins to attack its small intestine, where the gluten can actually stick to your intestine. After this continual attack on itself, your small intestine is left damaged and inflamed. They say all disease starts in the gut, and in this case it’s true! With the small intestine being damaged, your body can’t absorb all of the nutrients that it needs to absorb. Leaving your body depleted of all the good stuff it needs to function!! So yes, going gluten free is one step in the right direction! But take advantage of the food you put into your body to help heal the damage that is there-because most likely it won’t just go away on its own. Finding a good dietician and taking the right supplements will further you on your journey to a healthy life.

I have struggled with so much from Celiac Disease and know how frustrating it can be. Good days are ahead of you and bad days are also ahead of you. Support definitely helps! It can be scaring not knowing so much about a disease that you have. Feeling like you’ll never have energy and be “normal” can get to you. But trust me-you can get better! I will be posting more frequently and sharing all the tips and supplements i take, along with food that i find to work for my stomach but also takes better than cardboard! Embrace your body and your Celiac. It will get better and you will feel better than ever!

The long journey is ahead of us, xoxo-jess