What to do with those “end of the week” veggies!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a whole lot of random veggies left at the end of the week that are about to go bad. I have a simple solution to this problem that i usually follow at the end of each week! You can use this “recipe” with any veggies that you have left towards the end of the week, meaning you don’t have to follow the specific ones i use for this post. This is just what i had left over from this week! Also, you can use any spices you would like–i am always switching mine up.

Now lets get into this super simple “recipe”!

So, first off, i start by cutting and washing all of the veggies i am using. After they have dried, i place them on a baking sheet that is covered with foil (you don’t have to use foil, i just prefer the easy clean up it gives).


(This is what my veggies ended up looking like after washing and cutting!)

After this, i add some olive oil. I usually just eye ball it, but for the sake of this post i ended up measured it out. I ended up using 2 tbs of olive oil (again, you can use whatever kind’ve oil you would like, i just prefer olive oil).

IMG_1346 3.JPG IMG_1349 3

a heap of love is the only thing your veggies need 🙂

I then add whatever spices i am in the mood for and pop those babies in the oven! Today i used salt & pepper, and of course i added some cinnamon to my sweet potatoes for some extra flavor. (Little tip- cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels & reduce heart disease risk factors).

ALSO: I set the oven temp. to 425 and cook for about 20-25 minutes since the potatoes take a little bit longer to cook.

While this is cooking–i heat up some left over rice, corn, and kidney beans on the stove (this doesn’t have to be fancy i just happen to have left over rice and some canned veggies). *Tip: If you’re trying to eat vegan or vegetarian, the combination of beans, rice, and corn gives you lots of protein and energy.

Ta Da! The best part- everything is done cooking and has been plated. I usually top this off with some Sriracha or salsa! It might look a little random and messy–but hey! That is what end of the week veggies are for, right?img_1361.jpg

I hope this post gave ya a little inspiration on what to do with those stubborn veggies that are going bad. Eating good doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Stay healthy!

xoxo, Jess



What it’s like to be “glutened”w/ Celiac Disease

Stomach bloating, headaches, and crippled with anxiety.

Thats what i experience three days after being “glutened”. Im making this blog post because recently, i was “glutened” while eating out at a restaurant. I want to make aware that it is not embarrassing to have Celiac Disease. Up until last week, i was embarrassed to tell my server that i had to eat gluten free. Gluten free is often over looked as some sort of “fad” diet. It makes Celiac Disease (a serious autoimmunity) look like a hipster trend.

Disclaimer: I am obviously not an expert on any of this stuff and am learning more every day about my autoimmunity, however i have gone through a lot that has let me learn more than the average person. Also, everyone experiences different symptoms. This post is about what i experience when i am “glutened” and how i struggle with my autoimmune disease.

For those of you who may not know what Celiac Disease is, it is an autoimmune disease. Some people are born with is whereas some people may get it when they are older. Most people who have Celiac Disease at a young age don’t know until they are older because it is not an allergy–it’s a disease that can affect your life and health in very unexpected ways. Continuously eating gluten when you have Celiac Disease can be life threatening but the act of having one bite of gluten won’t actually kill a person (or at least in my case). That is why it can be overlooked in its seriousness. Celiac may also be overlooked considering some people choose to use this as a “fad” diet thinking they can’t eat any carbs which will lead them to losing weight. WRONG. Gluten is a protein!! It is not wheat, it is found in wheat. You can still eat carbs, bread, pastas, etc. as long as its made from a different flour, such as rice flour or quinoa flour. Gluten is also used as a preservative, meaning it is in most soups and salad dressings. Even healthy foods can have wheat! If you want a fad diet to lose weight try the Atkins diet, not a gluten free diet. Eating gluten free when you don’t actually have Celiac Disease or a sensitivity to it can actually harm your body and change the chemistry of your digestive tract.

Anyhoo, moral of my rant is i was embarrassed to speak up about being gluten free for what people might think of me. That embarrassment led me to be “glutened” in a Chili’s restaurant because i was too scared to stress the importance of it to my server. So there i was, crying on my bed from stomach bloat and pure anxiety over absolutely nothing. Eating gluten when you have Celiac Disease is serious and should NOT be taken lightly! I can go on and on about my symptoms after ingesting gluten and express how it is pure hell, however i think it is more important to get the message across that 1) Celiac is not something to be ashamed of and 2) be considerate and read up on your info before making fun of or judging someone who has a serious autoimmune disease.

xoxo, Jess


Celiac Disease | My Story

Hello internet world! I have been long gone on this blog and that can be for 2 main reasons. 1/ being i am just a lazy college student (lol) and 2/ for a more serious reason i had no idea what i wanted to do with this blog. Like a lot of things in my life, it was a spur of the moment decision to get a blog and had no idea what i intended to put on it! With all that being said, i have decided where i would like this to go. For all of my Celiac buddies out there or just anyone interested in nutrition you’ll probably like this the most! I hope to share my Celiac Disease story and my journey as i learn new stuff about my disease and what works for me to hopefully help some of you!

As i have previously mentioned i am a college student. I am currently 18 years old and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 7 months ago and have been on a gluten free diet since then. To make this blog post a little bit shorter i am just going to say some of the symptoms i had prior and all the false diagnosis i was given (it’s crazy how doctors can be so wrong sometimes! so trust and listen to what your body is telling you!!).

From a very early age i was always sick. Sinus infections, bronchitis, whooping cough, swine flu, pneumonia, mono (3x!!), the list just goes on and on! I was a pretty healthy kid for the most part. I was on several different sports teams and doing what every other kid did. In 4th grade i got eczema and doctors gave me some creams to for it and my parents harassed me to “just drink more water” and we never thought about an underlying cause for any of it. Skin can be a major telling sign for Celiac Disease! Then 8th grade and freshmen year rolled around and i started getting severe stomach pains (and i mean severe!). I would lay in bed crying unable to do anything. My friends would ask to hang out and i would always have to say no whenever my stomach pain was acting up – which was quite often. On top of stomach pain i would get flooded with anxiety and panic attacks. I remember sitting in class and suddenly feeling so trapped, sweating like no other, and feeling the need to just bolt out of there. I told my parents all of these things, so a doctors trip is what ended up happening. They diagnosed me with depression at the age of 13 and recommended either counseling or antidepressants.

Mental illness is a real thing and i am in no way hating on antidepressants or the fact that it is a real disease! However, i did not have depression because of a chemical imbalance in my brain-i had it because of all these other people not realizing my big red warning signs and then just writing me off with being depressed. I quickly became frustrated with doctors. To be fair to them however, we (as our own beings) need to take control of out own health. Do research yourself. Use doctors as a tool and ask for your own blood work-don’t just rely on someone else to figure your problem out! That is what i learned.

As for the vitamin deficiencies and other warning signs: I have hypothyroidism, i was anemic for about 4 or 5 years (prior to this diet), as well as other vitamins depleted such as Vitamin D.

My dad thought that i might have Celiacs, so i went and talked to a nutritionist and got tested and turns out he was right! However, another thing that makes me angry is they tell you that you have Celiac Disease and their advice is to stop eating gluten. Only 8% of people with Celiac Disease can be cured with just going gluten free! There is so much more that goes into it, and that is why i’m here!

Celiac Disease is not just a food allergy. It is an autoimmune disease. Yes, going gluten free is definitely necessary but other factors play a role in the healing process. When someone with Celiac Disease ingests Gluten (a protein that can be found in wheat, rye, barley, and also used as a preservative in some cases) the body begins to attack its small intestine, where the gluten can actually stick to your intestine. After this continual attack on itself, your small intestine is left damaged and inflamed. They say all disease starts in the gut, and in this case it’s true! With the small intestine being damaged, your body can’t absorb all of the nutrients that it needs to absorb. Leaving your body depleted of all the good stuff it needs to function!! So yes, going gluten free is one step in the right direction! But take advantage of the food you put into your body to help heal the damage that is there-because most likely it won’t just go away on its own. Finding a good dietician and taking the right supplements will further you on your journey to a healthy life.

I have struggled with so much from Celiac Disease and know how frustrating it can be. Good days are ahead of you and bad days are also ahead of you. Support definitely helps! It can be scaring not knowing so much about a disease that you have. Feeling like you’ll never have energy and be “normal” can get to you. But trust me-you can get better! I will be posting more frequently and sharing all the tips and supplements i take, along with food that i find to work for my stomach but also takes better than cardboard! Embrace your body and your Celiac. It will get better and you will feel better than ever!

The long journey is ahead of us, xoxo-jess