What to do with those “end of the week” veggies!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a whole lot of random veggies left at the end of the week that are about to go bad. I have a simple solution to this problem that i usually follow at the end of each week! You can use this “recipe” with any veggies that you have left towards the end of the week, meaning you don’t have to follow the specific ones i use for this post. This is just what i had left over from this week! Also, you can use any spices you would like–i am always switching mine up.

Now lets get into this super simple “recipe”!

So, first off, i start by cutting and washing all of the veggies i am using. After they have dried, i place them on a baking sheet that is covered with foil (you don’t have to use foil, i just prefer the easy clean up it gives).


(This is what my veggies ended up looking like after washing and cutting!)

After this, i add some olive oil. I usually just eye ball it, but for the sake of this post i ended up measured it out. I ended up using 2 tbs of olive oil (again, you can use whatever kind’ve oil you would like, i just prefer olive oil).

IMG_1346 3.JPG IMG_1349 3

a heap of love is the only thing your veggies need 🙂

I then add whatever spices i am in the mood for and pop those babies in the oven! Today i used salt & pepper, and of course i added some cinnamon to my sweet potatoes for some extra flavor. (Little tip- cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels & reduce heart disease risk factors).

ALSO: I set the oven temp. to 425 and cook for about 20-25 minutes since the potatoes take a little bit longer to cook.

While this is cooking–i heat up some left over rice, corn, and kidney beans on the stove (this doesn’t have to be fancy i just happen to have left over rice and some canned veggies). *Tip: If you’re trying to eat vegan or vegetarian, the combination of beans, rice, and corn gives you lots of protein and energy.

Ta Da! The best part- everything is done cooking and has been plated. I usually top this off with some Sriracha or salsa! It might look a little random and messy–but hey! That is what end of the week veggies are for, right?img_1361.jpg

I hope this post gave ya a little inspiration on what to do with those stubborn veggies that are going bad. Eating good doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Stay healthy!

xoxo, Jess