Good Company or Wasted Energy?


This is a little rant to remind you to stop putting so much energy into people who don’t uplift you or encourage you to be the best that you can be ♥

I believe people naturally (almost subconsciously) categorize people/friends in their lives into different groups. For example…

  • Party friends → the friends you call when you want to go out and have a fun time, but don’t necessarily trust with your secrets or like hanging out with to just “chill”.
  • People you know…but don’t really know → you typically follow these people on social media and run into them occasionally. Always kind’ve awk when you see them because you don’t know for sure if they “know” who you are.
  • Your “Friends” → you hang out pretty often, apart of the same friend group, but they wouldn’t have your back if shit hit the fan.
  • Your “ride-or-die”, “bffl”, “day one” →basically the few people who you can call at 3am and they’ll have your back no matter what.

It took me a long time to realize these different groups. Thank goodness for my self-help book phase I went through, otherwise I still might not understand this concept. Naturally, I’m the kind of person who typically will get used by people because they know I’m “too nice”. I used to not mind (or even notice for that matter) that I often did more for people who didn’t really care to do the same. It wasn’t until reading a self-help book (and a little bit of growing up) that I realized who my true friends really are.

Now, going back to these categories of people we have in our life. Good and genuine company is hard to fine these days. I bet most of us can count the number of people who would answer our phone call at 3am on one hand. Now, stop to think about how many people you would pick up the phone for at 3am, probably not too many, right? This goes back to good company and surrounding ourselves with positive people, rather than just wasting our energy on people who don’t bring any positivity into your life.

A big topic I like to talk about is anxiety and how to cope with it in order to have a happy, healthy, and positive life. Good company plays a big role in my idea of how to cope and help yourself. It can be a challenge for anyone and everyone to figure out who our true friends are, but once you find them, hold on to them because it is a very special thing to have. Just a little rule of thumb for everyone:

Three types of people to surround yourself with:

  1. The inspired
  2. The excited
  3. The grateful

Good friends are better than a lot of friends. Surrounding ourselves with good energy and positive people will help improve life so much. Stop thinking you need to surround yourself with so called “friends” who just belittle & put you down, who don’t help you make good & healthy choices, and overall don’t want to see you succeed. Also remember, to surround yourself with good company you also need to be considered good company yourself. Remember to encourage your loved ones in your life and uplift them. Putting out good into the world will only better yourself, and everyone else for that matter.

Good Company › Wasted Energy

xoxo ♥ Jess